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custom made scottsdale dentures

Dentures are an affordable and popular option to replace missing teeth. Dentures come in various sizes and materials that affect the cost and quality of the denture. Britely Dentures + Implants Studio specializes in the art of the smile. Our lab technicians hand-craft all of our dentures in our local Scottsdale lab. This ensures that our patients get dentures that are made exactly for their smiles and their needs.

We've helped countless patients in and around the Scottsdale, Arizona area navigate their tooth-replacement options and find the perfect denture. At Britely, we offer a range of full arch dentures.


Our most advanced denture, The Freedom uses implant technology and artisanal techniques to give wearers the most secure denture available today.


Similar to The Freedom, SureFit features an implant secured base for premium security.


A highly customizable and realistic denture made of heat injected resin. The Ultimate is the standard for removable dentures due to its strenth.


The Beautiful Smile denture is made of high density resin to last longer and provide comfort.


Our most economical denture is the ideal solution for patients on a budget.

Full arch denture options

Britely Dentures + Implants Studio provides multiple full arch denture options to ensure we have a solution that meets your needs. Each one of our dentures comes with distinct advantages. Visit our office in Scottsdale or call us today so we can help you find out which denture is right for you.

options for any budget

You might be wondering what affects the cost of a denture. The answer: a lot of things! We've developed economical denture options starting at $299 as well as top-of-the-line dentures starting at $14,900, and many options in between. We even offer flexible payment options to help make sure finances don't stand in the way of getting the denture you need.

options for current denture users

Already wear a denture? Maybe you've experienced frustration with the way your denture fits, suffer from a broken denture or are simply wondering if there is a better option. We've got great news. We specialize in denture upgrades that will change your life! Never worry about your denture coming loose or what you can eat with our fixed denture solutions.

Partial and flipper dentures

Missing one tooth or a couple of teeth and considering your options? We make partial dentures that blend in perfectly with your real teeth.

Our local Scottsdale denture lab

Our denture lab is located in our studio, right here in Scottsdale, Arizona. Because our lab is local, that means we enjoy significant supply savings, quicker turnaround times and full control over the quality of our products. The end result is a high quality, more affordable denture for our patients.