The Britely Patient Experience

Implant patient experience

Dental implants are many peoples favorite option for replacing missing teeth. You may be a candidate for dental implants if you have one or more missing or failing teeth. Dental implants are the best solution for replacing real teeth, whether you need to replace one tooth or a full set of teeth.

1. Schedule a Consultation

Your implant experience begins with a consultation at one of our convenient offices. During your consultation with Britely Dentures + Implants Studio, you will meet with one of our experienced dentists who has performed thousands of implant treatments. This implant consultation will help you understand your options for implant treatments, including the cost of the dental implant treatment that you choose.

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2. Choose a Treatment

At your consultation, our dentist will explain your options for replacing your teeth. Our goal is to find you a solution that will give you the confidence of a full smile at a cost that's affordable. Once we've made our recommendation, it's up to you to choose exactly which treatment you want to do. Then, pick a day to have the procedure.

3. The Procedure

Today is the day that you get a brand new smile. You will go home with dental implants that feel, look, and function like real teeth. These dental implants will be temporary while your mouth heals and adjusts to the change.

4. Procedure Follow Up

Several weeks after your procedure, you will visit us for a follow up appointment. During this appointment, we'll replace your temporary dental implants with permanent dental implants.

At this appointment, we'll give you recommendations for at-home care to take care of your dental implants and keep your mouth healthy.

We stand behind the quality of our work. If you ever have any questions about your implants, any post-procedure checkup you require is at no additional cost to you.

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