Affordable Denture Solutions In Phoenix

Dr. Chris Barrett
June 17, 2020

Affordable Denture Solutions in Scottsdale

It’s important to do your research when looking for a denture solution. Often you’ll see advertisements for low cost dentures, buy you need to think past what’s immediately in front of you. Are these prices advertised included both denture plates? Do they include extractions? Through this quick blog post, we’ll walk you through the multitude of different denture options you can get and their cost. It’s important to note dentures can range heavily from as low as $399 all the way to $14,990

Economy Denture

These would be the standard and reliable set of dentures. They’re great for anyone on a budget and can range all the way up to $800 depending on the denture center you're going to. Here at Britely, our economy denture is $399 and comes with 1 year warranty. If you happen to need any teeth extracted, we also offer extractions starting at $69 while other dentists will charge up to $200 or more for extractions.

Premium Denture

Premium dentures are a couple steps up from the economy denture. They typically have a much more natural appearance, stain and wear resistance, and offer detailed customization. They’re made with high density material to last much longer than other cheaper dentures. Premium dentures are typically not priced on the website but can range all the way up to $1500. Britely’s premium or beautiful dentures only cost $899.

Ultimate Denture

These are some of the highest quality dentures available when not using dental implants. Ultimate dentures boast a heat injected technology and offer the best fit and comfort. They are considered the gold standard of dentures due to their durability, natural appearance and resistance to stains and odors. Ultimate dentures can range up to $2500, while here at Britely we only charge $1299.

Implant supported dentures

Implant supported dentures are simply the best dentures available on the market. They offer incredible fit and comfort and premium security with an implant supported based. The cost of implant supported denture is often based on how many implants a patient would want. Many dentist will charge up to $30,000 and even up to $60,000 for implant supported dentures. Here at Britely, we offer package deals as well as financing to make implant supported dentures as affordable as possible. Many people can start out with payments as low as $200 per month. Britely also offers a 110% price beat guarantee, so you always know you’re getting the best price on all of our services.

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